Jabber Docs, Groupchat

As colaberated on by Dr Memory, PresJPolk, and pgmillard

First of all, note that I never got groupchat to work until I checked out and built the CVS source. (The "confencing.tgz" file on download.jabber.org probably won't work: do a real cvs checkout.)

Then, the following bits in my jabber.xml file. Obviously, adjust server names and paths to suit your taste.

First, inside the <jabber></jabber> object:

<service id="conference.mspt.com">
<config xmlns="jabberd:gc:config">
<log id="gc_log">

Then, inside the <agents></agents> section:

<agent jid="conference.mspt.com">
<name>Conference Server</name>
<description>You can create and participate in private group

And that, believe it or not, was it.